3 Important Features When Choosing a Multichannel Listing Software

Multichannel listing software can give you a critical business advantage, no matter how small your business. There are many features available with different software platforms, but there are three that are the most instrumental in improving your business.

Platform Integration

The number and types of platforms that can be used with the software will be important for the most versatility. You will want the ability to use the most popular marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, but there are more specific platforms that can be important, depending on the types of items you sell. For example, if you sell clothes and shoes, you may want to use Poshmark, Mercari, or Newegg for electronics. One of the advantages of selling on various platforms is not only visibility, but the ability to receive payment through multiple methods. When you sell on some platforms, customers are able to use gift cards as a payment method, which could increase your income. Another important feature will be the ability to integrate the software with eCommerce platforms on your website. Having your own website can reduce fees associated with selling through marketplaces.

Warehousing and Shipping

Multichannel software should make the process of warehousing and shipping items from different channels easier. Important features may include creating barcodes for each product, which will make picking items more efficient. If you choose to store items at various warehouses, your software can easily manage inventory—regardless of where it is located—and keep your inventory updated on different platforms. Many software platforms can be integrated with couriers, especially the most common couriers, such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Managing the shipping aspect through your software platform will mean any purchases automatically receive the appropriate shipping label for each channel and courier.

Payment and Accounting

Managing payment methods and keeping organized accounting can also be accomplished by some types of multichannel listing platforms. Although there are many payment options, you will likely want to incorporate PayPal since it can be used to accept credit card and debit card payments, and is widely trusted by customers. You should also choose the software based on its integration into either existing accounting software or accounting software that you would not mind transitioning to in the future. Accounting integration makes it easier to manage income from different streams and avoid hurdles at the end of the year regarding income and taxes.

When you sell on multiple channels there are ways to manage your business in a single platform and minimize errors. Choosing your multichannel listing management software wisely will allow maximum functionality and the ability to place your products in front of more people with ease.

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