How To Be Ready For The CompTIA A Plus Certification Test

The CompTIA A plus certification is one of the bedrock credentials of the tech world. It allows those that are hiring to know that you possess the core knowledge to deal with computers, servers, and electronic devices.

Testing for the certificate can be a challenge, and you'll want to give yourself the best shot possible. Before you test, you can do a few things to improve your odds of success.


Whenever you go to test, the center will want to see that you have a CompTIA A plus certification discount voucher. This entitles you to take the test, and it lets the center know your payment is legit.

An A Plus discount voucher is often available through coursework, test prep, or books. If you're confident in your abilities, you might not have acquired a voucher through one of those means. Consequently, you'll have to purchase a voucher separately. The same applies if you've exhausted previous vouchers through testing.

Visit the Test Center

Make sure you have your CompTIA A Plus discount voucher lined up. Know where the test center locations are and what the test dates will be. If you don't know the area, drive there a few times so you can show up on time on test day to present your voucher. Get out and walk to the testing area so you can get a feel for where everything will be.

Physical Practice

A common mistake is treating the test materials as abstract. Most A Plus exam questions pertain to real-world situations, and that's why employers favor the certification.

Purchase some hardware so you can practice. Become comfortable with popping components in and out of systems. Learn how to install and configure the operating systems that will be on the test. Purchase used machines to lower your costs, and use virtualization to avoid the need for many systems while learning the software side of the equation.

Use your course materials in conjunction with real-world systems. This will help you to internalize ideas as real problems so the test won't seem abstract. Avoid cramming and instead focus on becoming comfortable with the ideas because you'll need them long after the test is over.

Plan Your Test Day

Go to sleep at a reasonable time before the test. Plan to wake up with sufficient time to wake up, do your daily routine, and settle down. Build a bit of a buffer into your travel time so you can arrive early.

Put your voucher in a safe spot where you're sure you won't forget it. Show up early, and have the voucher ready for presentation.

Contact the test center if you need help getting a CompTIA A Plus Certification discount voucher

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